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Prick Radar – Detection Clue 3

I’ve been teasing out some simple clues for helping you detect a prick on first meeting.

The first prick radar clue I gave you was obfuscation. The prick tries to use bullshit to cover a lie. The second prick radar clue was the feeling that you’re always walking on eggshells when you’re around them. You just cannot be yourself.

Here’s another prick radar clue.

You’ll feel trapped.

As noted in the previous blog, constant pressure from pricks has an impact on you.

If you’re a good person trying to accommodate the points of view of others, you’re likely to interact well with, and get on well with most other people. But pricks are different. You just cannot handle them in the same way as you do others, because they are most definitely not trying to accommodate you. They’re trying to bring you to heel, to control you. As such they’ll start out with small impositions of some sort, you’ll accommodate them, and they’ll escalate what you need to do to keep in the good books with them. Slowly, but surely, they’ll escalate, making more and more demands of you.

Prick Radar – Detection Clue 3
Prick Radar – Detection Clue 3

Apart from the feeling that you are walking on egg shells this gradual psychological confinement of you as a person is the gradual weaving together of psychological cotton threads to make a straight-jacket tailor made for you, but designed by the prick to suit the prick. It ends up confining you to within parameters pleasing to the prick, but not to you. One cotton thread you can break. That’s when you need to refuse to allow them to confine you. You do that by refusing to accommodate them.

It becomes more and more difficult to break their hold on you the longer you accommodate them. By persisting in being nice, by accommodating them, you allow more and more threads to fill out and strengthen your lovely tailor-made straight-jacket!

You really need to tune up your prick radar. If you’re feeling more and more confined and controlled by a person as time goes on, you’re dealing with a prick, and they are using your good will against you; to trap you. Put a stop to it early.

Until next time - P.J. Cavē

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