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Prick Radar – Detection Clue 2

As I noted in the last blog, it’s most likely that intuitive prick radar is a skill developed in early childhood, by young children when they are in a highly dysfunctional and dangerous environment. They must learn to ‘dodge the bullets’.

But if you’ve come from a good home most likely you didn’t develop intuitive prick radar. So what you must do is learn the cues that people with good prick radar automatically detect.

The first prick radar clue I gave you was obfuscation. The prick tries to use bullshit to cover a lie.

Here’s another.

As noted in previous blogs, pricks are always trying to manipulate you, to dominate you in some way or another, to use you to achieve their ends. And they care nothing about the impact on you. But constant pressure from pricks has an impact on you. You’re trying to dodge the bullets all the time. Even if you can’t dodge them all because you just don’t see them coming, because you lack intuitive prick radar, you’re going to see some of them. And this creates constant stress for you.

Whenever you’re interacting with them, if you want to have a semblance of peace, if you want to avoid conflict, if you want to avoid being constantly put down or denigrated, you must constantly watch what you say or do so that you don’t offend their sensibilities. And those sensibilities will not remain constant from interaction to interaction. They’ll change, like shifting sands in a desert. So you can never win, no matter what you do or say. This process of having to be constantly alert to another person’s shifting sensibilities is often described by the metaphor of having to ‘walk on eggshells’ in their presence. One misstep and the shells are crushed.

Prick Radar – Detection Clue 2
Prick Radar – Detection Clue 2

From the point of view of the prick, they’re just keeping you on your toes, making sure you do things ‘properly’. Such an approach betrays an underlying judgemental attitude that is part and parcel of classical prickery.

If you can’t be yourself without fear of reprimand or denigration, then you’re walking on eggshells. And you’re dealing with a prick. So tune up your prick radar!

Until next time - P.J. Cavē

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