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Prick Radar – Detection Clue 1

It’s most likely that intuitive prick radar is developed in early childhood, when young children who are in a highly dysfunctional and dangerous environment, learn to ‘feel’ the atmosphere, ‘read’ the play, and are then able to ‘dodge the bullets’. Those who have developed strong intuitive prick radar this way often don’t know how they accurately perceive when a person is a problem, when they’re dangerous. They just know.

But sooner or later in life, whether you possess intuitive prick radar or not, you’ll face some pretty bad dudes who may be described most accurately as pricks. What do you do if you’re not someone who developed intuitive prick radar as a child, if you came from a good home where you didn’t have to learn how to dodge the bullets, where you didn’t need top-notch prick radar to survive; either psychologically, or in the worst cases, physically? Is there anything you can do?

In fact the cues that those gifted with intuitive prick radar detect can be taught. Here’s one of them.

Pricks are deceptive: to the core. They occasionally tell the truth, when it suits their agenda, which is always about looking after themselves only, but generally speaking they don’t handle the truth with any degree of reliability. They habitually lie and deceive. It flows from them like water flows downhill. It’s built into their nature.

Prick Radar – Detection Clue 1
Prick Radar – Detection Clue 1

Because deceitful behaviour is routine for pricks, they are well-practiced at covering their tracks, at further deceiving their way out of being caught in their lie. They’re good at it, really good at it, probably better at it than you are at detecting it! But that, my prick-victim friend, is the clue. The clue is built into their behaviour when they try to cover a lie.

It doesn’t matter how carefully you try to conceal a lie, if you’re questioned about it, it becomes difficult to say anything that doesn’t reveal the lie and unmask the truth. So, when you ask a prick for more information, he won’t provide you with relevant information, he’ll snowball you with a mountain of irrelevant and disconnected information. The more you try to get the information needed to clarify the situation, the more clouded the picture becomes. It’s like trying to see clearly in a smoke-filled room. That’s precisely the opposite of your intention. What the prick is doing is creating a smokescreen to conceal the truth, rather than cooperating in trying to elucidate it. In the end, trying to glean truth from a prick is about as easy as trying to grasp a handful of that smoke. The technical term for this is obfuscation. I call it bullshit.

If the bullshit is thick, you know you’re dealing with a prick.

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