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Prick Radar 1: What Is It?

My definition is that prick radar is the capacity to identify pricks on first meeting. I think the best way to help you come to grips with what prick radar is, or can do, is to give you an example.

When I was about sixteen years old, I was shopping in a suburb of Melbourne called Footscray. I was walking down a laneway off Nicholson Street. I can’t remember exactly why I was there, but I remember this. Up ahead of me some distance away but on the same side of the lane as me was a group of three young blokes about my age, and as soon as I saw them, I knew they were up to no good. I could ‘feel’ it. They weren’t doing anything anyone else would have picked up on, but I just knew. I nonchalantly crossed the lane over to the footpath on the other side. They crossed. I crossed again. They crossed again, and by now they were starting to exchange looks which screamed at me that they were the predators and I was the prey. Still, I don’t think anyone else would have realised that. But my prick alarm was screaming at me. I crossed a third time. They crossed, and by now they were looking at each other with smirks on their faces and the daftest person on the planet should have been able to pick up on it.

Prick Radar 1: What Is It?
Prick Radar 1: What Is It?

By that point, they were only about ten metres away from me and it was clear I was going to be bashed. So I decided that if I were going down, I would give as much bashing as I copped before I went down. I charged them. To my great surprise (and relief) they broke ranks and ran! Ha ha! It’s the only time that sort of thing has happened in my life. I’m not small, but I’m not a tower of strength either. And back then I was as skinny as a stick. But still they ran. I think it was the complete surprise of my reaction that did it. I believe that in the case of most other young men, the trio would have been bashing them before they realised they were in danger: no prick radar: no warning: no time to act.

Anyway, that’s prick radar in operation. So, what do you think? Is prick radar something you would like to have? You can learn you know.

Until next time - P.J. Cavē

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