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Prick Attack 1: What’s a Prick?

Prick is a pejorative term for a despicable person. If you’ve ever been subject to a prick attack, you’ll know what I mean, and you’ll know why I have no hesitation in calling them pricks. A prick attack is no minor matter, not from a serious prick anyway.

Of course, if you can avoid prick attacks, all the better. That’s why I’ve written a book about pricks. It’s about how to detect them, what their strategies are when they mount a prick attack, and how they get away with it. But I digress.

Pricks have only one agenda: their own. They care nothing about the cost of their behaviour to others. Pricks are likely to engage in any form of bastardry to get what they want. They can be deceitful, manipulatively or coercively controlling, vindictive and vengeful, and sometimes violent. They generally lack remorse for their behaviour, and, are masters at making excuses to evade responsibility. They’re more adept at evading responsibility than you’ll ever be at getting them to take responsibility. Remember, they’ve had a lifetime of practice. On the other hand you have had a lifetime of practice at trying to do the right thing. You’re better at that than they are. In fact they wouldn’t have a clue what the right thing is. But you are no match for them in their own arena.

Prick Attack 1: What’s a Prick?
Prick Attack 1: What’s a Prick?

I have personally been seriously hurt by pricks: subject to multiple prick attacks, by various people in my life, despite having really good prick radar. How a small number of pricks managed to bypass my prick radar is discussed in my book, Prick Radar. Each time the same point of vulnerability within me was accessed. You can move on from minor prick attacks without too much trouble. But if you’ve been subject to a serious prick attack by a very serious prick, you can’t simply move on after they’ve damaged you. Major psychological surgery is required for recovery. So it’s best to recognise the prick attack when you see it, and stop it before it does you any real damage.

Next time we’re going to start looking at the sorts of strategies pricks use when they launch their prick attacks.

Until next time - P.J. Cavē

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