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Prick Attack 5: Domination Strategy 3: Coercion

In this blog we tease out what is probably the last resort strategy used in prick attacks: used by pricks when other strategies have failed to give them what they want. That prick attack strategy is coercion. In one way or another, coercion holds a gun to your head and forces you to comply.

When a prick cannot gain your ‘cooperation’ by other means, they’ll resort to coercion as the central feature of their prick attack. And they feel quite okay about that. Because pricks refuse to recognise your authority over your own time, property, or resources. Whilst such authority is clear to you, pricks just don’t accept that you have the right to set your own boundaries around these things. In their mind, they are not launching a prick attack. In their mind, they are not being unreasonable. You are, because you have refused to grant their ‘reasonable’ request. More correctly, what has happened is that you have refused their unreasonable request. Don’t try to change their mind. You won’t be able to do that. Pricks never see the rights of others. Because rational discussion just won’t work, your only option here is to resist the coercion.

Prick Attack 5: Domination Strategy 3: Coercion
Prick Attack 5: Domination Strategy 3: Coercion

Coercive approaches in prick attacks fall into the following categories:

  • Fait Accompli behaviour. This is an interesting one. They’ll take a decision out of your hands and implement what they want, without you even knowing it has happened until it is too late to stop it. Then they’ll ask for forgiveness later. This is both manipulative and coercive, all rolled up in the one beautiful prick attack strategy. Very sneaky.

  • Obstruction or interference. Pricks will obstruct what you’re trying to do, or interfere in some way, to force you into a position where you have to do what they want, or you can’t get any of what you want accomplished.Verbal bullying or harassment. This sort of prick attack simply involves them going on and on and on, until you give in. Don’t give in!

  • Threat. We all know what threat is. It you don’t do what you’re told to do, there’ll be consequences; nasty consequences.

  • Naked Force. If you find yourself in this situation, you pretty much must have the physical capacity to overpower them, or you’ll have to comply. Going to the police? Most of the time you won’t be able to do that. Pricks are sneaks. They’ll use force when there are no witnesses to testify against them.

Of course, prick attack coercion strategies are unlikely to be implemented singly. Be prepared for multi-pronged prick attacks.

I think next time we might take a look at what prick radar really is.

Until then - P.J. Cavē

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