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Prick Attack 3: Domination Strategy 1: Pretexts

I said last time that in this blog we would start to tease out some of the strategies pricks use when they launch their prick attacks. In this blog, we’ll take a look at pretexts for the prick attack.

A key part of prick strategy is for them to try to justify the prick attack, in their own mind. For that, they need a range of pretexts they can draw upon, which they themselves seriously believe and which they also expect you to believe. Don’t believe them. They’re all bullshit: every single one of them. Really, pretexts are the thin edge of the wedge. Let me explain.

If you’re trying to split a log along its length, you drive in a wedge to create a tiny split. As you drive the wedge in further the split widens more and more until the log cannot maintain its integrity and it splits in two. Of course, in practice, you actually use a number of wedges along the length of the log. But you never insert the thick end of a wedge. You can’t do it. It won’t fit anywhere. You must insert the thin edge.

Prick Attack 3: Domination Strategy 1: Pretexts
Prick Attack 3: Domination Strategy 1: Pretexts

Now you know where the expression the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ comes from. Pricks are very skilled at inserting the thin edge of a wedge into a situation and driving it further and further until they’re in control. But if you can learn to recognise the thin end of a wedge when you see it, you can stop the process of gaining control right at the start, where it’s easiest to stop.

Pretexts for prick attacks tend to fall into just a few main categories:

  • Assertion that they have some sort of authority over you. That’s usually baseless.

  • Assertion that they have a right to do what they’re doing, launching their prick attack.

  • Dishing out some small punishment or other, which is either not reportable to the police, or so small you wouldn’t bother doing it.

Make no mistake though. Pretexts are definitely part of prick attack strategy. For them, the name of the game is that they establish your cooperation in accepting their authority over you. So don’t tolerate the thin edge of the wedge, whether it’s an assertion of authority, an assertion of a right, or some small punishment which seems insignificant. Once you accept any of them, you have accepted the proposition that they have a right to act with authority over you, and you’ve lost the whole box and dice, right there and then. Sneaky, isn’t it? But that is just as expected. All pricks are sneaks.

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