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Prick Attack 2: Prick Strategies

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

I said last time that in this blog we would start to look at the sorts of strategies pricks use when they launch their prick attacks.

Prick behaviour is always strategic: even if only subconsciously so on their part. It’s always designed either to get what they want or to evade responsibility for, and the consequences of, the behaviour used to do that. It’s impossible to present every prick strategy. So as I unfold for you over the next few blogs, the strategies pricks use in their prick attacks, I want you to realise that what is presented is just a smattering, a sample.

Prick Attack 2: Prick Strategies
Prick Attack 2: Prick Strategies

Further, pricks are unlikely to use only one strategy in their prick attack. They’re very adept at mixing their strategies to suit the prick attack to the context and the person: that means you.

Prick strategy may be classified into two major groups.

  • Attack Strategies (also called Domination Strategies), and Evasion Strategies.

  • Evasion strategies have more to do with them evading responsibility for their prick attack, and any penalty or consequences they may face as a result of their prick attacks.

Prick attack strategies or domination strategies may be broken down into three main types:

  • Pretexts

  • Manipulation

  • Coercion

And as stated earlier, no prick attack is restricted to the use of only one strategy. They’ll be combined. That may make them harder to identify, but for the purposes of learning, that’s how I’m going to classify them.

Next time we’ll have a closer look at “Pretexts”.

Until then - P.J. Cavē

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